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J1962 Obd2 16 Pin Female Connector Socket With Pa66 Core Material

Model Number: YH1003-1
Certification: ROHS, REACH
Minimum Order: 100pcs
Delivery Time: About 20days
Payment Terms: T/TWestern Union
Supply Ability: 20000 pieces per month


We are specialized in Overmolded obd2 Female connector, obdii male connector, obd2 converter, obdii adapter, J1962 male and female connector.

YH1003-1 female 16 pin J1962 OBD2 socket is suitable for EOBD universal diagnostic tester, OBD module Bluetooth, automotive diagnostic tool and some other automobile diagnostic tools.

YH1003-1 female 16 pin J1962 OBDii connector usually work as a extension cable some apparatus.

There are various of 16 pin female obd2 connector in our factory, such as obdii 16 pin female connector(soldering type), J1962 obdii female connector(purple core, Assembly type), obd2 16 pin female with white rear cover(Assembly Type) , obd2 male to female converter.

The plug test of YH1003-1 J1962 obdii connector over 50000 times and the cable blending

Test life over 10000 times.

Advanced equipment and quality process technique made YH1003-1 16 pin female connector flexibility and durability.

Prompt respond will be get from us when we received any inquiry on YH1003 16 pin J1962 female connector


YH1003-1 16 pin obdii J1962 female connector is used on automotive, aerospace, industrial, data communication, medical solutions...Usually Turbine engines control, data memory modules, missile actuator controllers, telematics,J1939 CAN BUS diagnostics unit, deletion error diagnoses, vehicle/garage diagnostic equipment, diagnostic (scanner) kit, play plus diagnostic kit, garage diagnostic equipment , diesel engines optimization device, VAG Diagnostic tool,…. All cars have obdii port will use YH1003-1 obdii female connector.

products specification
Connector Specification
Over molded color Black & customized
Core color Black 
Core material PA66
Terminals' material Phosphor Bronze Pre-Matt Tin
Terminals' Part No. YH 820603PS7
Terminals Applied Optical cable 26AWG-18AWG
Plug test over 10000 times
Wire Specification
Cable length 200mm & customized
Cable jacket PVC,PUR and Customized
Cable pin out Customized
Cable cross-section AWG 26-20 available
Cable Bending testing life over 10000 times
Electronic parameter
Withstand Voltage 300V DC
Insulation Resistance Over 2MΩ
Rated current 1A ~ 5A
Contact Resistance MAX 1Ω (L≤3M)
Wire Rated temperature -20 ~ 105 ℃

● We are professional on J1962 obdii plug and socket over 10 years.

● ISO9001:2015 certificated equipped with our factory.

● With strong R&D department support, we are confident to design customized J1962 obd2 socket

● PVC, PUR and customized cable jacked for YH1003 16 pin obdii diagnostic connector available

● YH1003-1 J1962 16 pin obd2 connector's cable length and pin out are customized.

● YH1003-1 obd2 connector accord with Reach and RoHS certificate.

● YH1003-1, 16 pin female obd2 diagnostic connector 's cable specification compliance with UL standard.


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