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M12 5P PG9 Connector

PMM12FAM05PG9713763 M12 Female 5P PG9 Connector IP67 For Water and Measurement

Model Number: PMM12FAM05PG9713763
Certification: ROHS, REACH
Minimum Order: 100pcs
Delivery Time: About 20days
Payment Terms: T/TWestern Union
Supply Ability: 20000 pieces per month


PMM12FAM05PG9713763 M12 Female 5P PG9 Connector IP67  For Water and Measurement. Refine old products all the way and design/develop new products to meet market trends, it’s strong research and development makes Yeahui vibrant.

Locking system: screw M12*0.1

Wire gauge in m㎡:0.25/0.34/0.5 etc

Wire gauge in AWG: 24/22/20 etc

Shell protection: IP67/68, watertight

Mechanical operation: >500 mating cycles

Temperature range: 85°-25

Rated voltage: 250V, 60V, 30V


PMM12FAM05PG9713763 (M12 5Pin female connector) can be used on sensor, industrial robotics, vehicle CCTV camera, LED light, Silicone Rubber Heaters, Motor Heaters, ultrasonic flow measurement, level and temperature measurement as well as special data loggers and SCADA systems, Flow Measurement, Level Measurement, Data Logging, Measurement Technology, Water and Wastewater Measurement Technology, Fleet management, insurance, street lighting, Broadband Wireless Access, camera, monitor, Industrial/Factory Automation, LED applications, marine, Trailer/Tractor Monitor System, Planter Monitoring and Control, Planter System, Agricultural electrical equipment, Railway transportation Systems, LED and Lighting system, Telecommunications and Network Systems, Marine and Ships Engineering System, Medical Equipment, High Voltage Alternating Current Systems, Measuring and Testing Systems, Package Conveyor and Logistics, Refrigeration and transportation systems, Renewable Energy, Working Set Master Module, WSMT2 Control Channel, WSMB , Seed Singulation, and Accessory Modules, WSMB Implement Output Module, Cab Control Switch Module, air cart, Air Cart Monitoring and Control , Working Set Master 2, Air Pressure/Hopper Level/Hall Eff ect Sensors, Application Rate Sensors, PLANTER MONITORS, transmission systems, basis stations, data and network servers, routers, monitors, package conveyor logistic system., airport weighing, supermarket weighing, testing monitoring system, etc.nes optimization device, multi diagnostic scanner, EOBD universal diagnostic tester, multi diagnostic scanner , diesel injector test, ECU Programmer, EOBD/OBDII diagnostics information reader, OBD module Bluetooth.


● We are an TUV/ISO 9001:2015 certified factory. All M12 connectors are UL, ethernet/IP approved. Compatible with IEC 61076-2-101/-104/-109.

● Raw material is Reach/RoHS compliant, phthalate free. 

● M12 series circular connector is widely used in LED light, vehicle CCTV camera, various cable exit mode is available upon request, like Y splitter/T tree.

● Prompt and professional service to customer from design to demand fulfillment.

● We are a full turnkey solution provider.

● 100% Tested will be done before delivery.


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